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Ensure audience love your content

Want a next-gen client-focused output? Along with effective user adoption and highest quality content streaming, you need to ensure best performance with minimum investment. Embrace advanced automation solutions, crowd testing and you are ready to engage your audience.


Make your streaming platforms are fully agile, intuitive and immersive. Recognize the huge storytelling potential of virtual reality and metaverse technologies. Show your truest potential with high-quality, secure and reliable platforms that remove performance bottlenecks and inspire solid brand loyalty.

   Maximize Test Coverage with IGS’s Digital Assurance Lab (400+ Devices | Physical | Cloud Farm)

   Crowd Testing for User Experience evaluation and Geographic Coverage

   Pioneer Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality

   Expedite releases with AI and CI/CD Automation

   Safe Apps through OWASP vulnerability checks along with Static code/ Dynamic Code analysis 


Develop a winning approach and capabilities to keep your users thrilled.

Stream high-quality content effortlessly across all channels. As you achieve performance and business goals, keep consumers delighted and engaged.

Excel under extreme loads

Make sure your streaming platforms, apps and websites can perform normally at high traffic and usage. Find and fix performance bottlenecks, minimize downtime, enhance user experience and boost client satisfaction.

Standardize product quality

Prioritize user experience across all channels. Implement automation to ensure consistent product quality, performance, faster release time, reduced testing cost and effort.

Analyse and Implement Universally

Evaluate and release products across various operating systems, devices, and network configurations. Achieve improved scalability, better product quality, cost efficiency and faster release cycles.

Stream Prejudice Free Content

Ensure your digital content is accessible to people with disabilities and adheres to legal regulations. Improve user experience, customer satisfaction and enhance brand reputation.

Boost Cloud-native Technologies

Make sure your cloud technologies integrations continue to operate at peak performance, reduce costs and improve product quality.

Automation Testing

Improve test effectiveness, reliability and coverage while lowering human error.

Our Solutions

Comprehensive testing solutions to take your digital media to the next level.

Our Advanced Quality Engineering solutions help OTT businesses stay ahead of the competition by delivering innovative and reliable testing capabilities that enable them to deliver high-quality streaming services to their viewers.


Struggling with decentralized Quality? Can’t get a straight response from your agile teams about where they are on a release train? Partner with us to create a test centre of excellence with transparency, visibility and minimal overheads to achieve the quality of
operation without risking velocity.

Content and Accessibility Testing

We’ll check if your technology is compatible with persons with visual, speech, hearing, physical and other limitations.

Cloud Assurance

Our cloud professionals have spent more than a decade analysing streaming media challenges and best practices to ensure the success of your cloud project. Engage with us to learn how our quality engineering
solutions can help your cloud projects.

Load and Performance Testing

We’ll ensure optimal functionality under both normal and heavy loads,from thousands to millions of virtual users worldwide.




Managed Crowd Testing

Our extensive pool of real-world consumers can test any device,
platform, operating system or network, around the clock.

AR/VR Quality Assurance

Engage our virtual reality expertise. We’ve been testing XR for longer than any other quality engineering company. We support all main virtual reality technologies and can ensure the success of your project.

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