Growth Triangle | Trust, Quality and Skills

Author – Nitin Mittal (VP of Sales) 

In today’s digital market, businesses are continually scaling their offerings portfolio and essentially realigning their internal organisational structure with strong emphasis on core principles like trust, skills, and quality of delivery. When an organisation has its workforce aligned towards delivering quality outcomes, it becomes trustworthy inside-out for both employees and clients.

To ensure delivery excellence for customers, attribute that weighs most is skills amongst workforce. Skilled professionals are true assets to organisations and perform major roles in project delivery, customer retention and acquisition.

Aligning skilled professionals towards the team goals is essential to achieve delivery excellence. Having skilled team members unchanneled is like 2 strong horses pulling a cart in opposite directions. The cart can only progress if both horses pull it in a same direction.

working together builds' productivity

When skilled professionals work as a team, they learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work with an agenda of complimenting each other, thereby developing confidence among themselves. Team members begin relying on each other’s ability to deliver, which creates a work culture built on trust. Additionally, confidence in team also encourages upskilling, leading to improved performance and productivity of personnel. As a result, within a team of professionals, everybody grows as an individual. Consequently, faith among skilled professionals within an organisation yields premium quality products or services.

When business outcomes are channelled towards excellence in delivery, it effortlessly cultivates customers’ trust in the business. Resulting in trust within the organisation and in customers.

“According to statistics, around 72-73% of consumers say a good experience is key in inducing their brand loyalty.”

Quality work is initiated by commitment and a positive mindset towards completing tasks to the best of your abilities. When team constantly acquires new skills, they inspire each other and constantly push themselves towards levelling up their skills. It not only improves quality of work but also induces trust in the brand. Moreover, a team comprised of skilled professionals with a vision of achieving a common business objective gains confidence and works effectively without supervision from leaders, which is one of the greatest benefits of working as a team.

In this competitive market world, success of a business is dependent on work culture, internal organisational structure and employees’ skillsets. That is why organisations are constantly expanding their offering portfolios and focusing on realigning their organisational structure and core principles around delivery excellence.