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IGS provides end-to-end testing solutions for healthcare organizations and helps them deliver world-class quality medical care by improving IT infrastructure, service quality, monetizing data and accelerating digital adaptation while ensuring compliance with security protocols and healthcare regulations.


Your go-to care partner

With years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, IGS is your go-to quality partner to excel in meeting demands for interoperability and software compliance.

   Helps healthcare organizations clear FDA audits

   Achieve HIPAA compliance and enable 50% growth in customer base

   Minimize system outrage risks by automated server monitoring

   Effective verification and validation cycles

   Lower regression efforts by 30%

   Reduce delivery time by 25%

Helping you provide the Best Healthcare Experience

Hassle-free transition to enterprise applications

As healthcare continues its much-needed transition to enterprise applications, it is also exposed to serious security threats and constant pressure to maintain the highest quality.

Eliminate usability errors

Even a single input error poses a potential threat of misinformation on a medical report. Our advanced usability protocol proactively protects you from such mishaps.

Secure patient data

Average HIPAA fine as of 2019 was $1.5 million. We will ensure data security with proactive risk management approach and keep you compliant with HIPAA compliance to avoid fines and legal consequences.

Improve ROI

Our efficient testing solutions help you cut down your in-house testing costs and boost operational efficiency while increasing ROI.

Our Solutions

Patient First | Experience Best

Our solutions are powered by cutting-edge technology, but we carefully consider how humans will interact with the software. You can rely on us to make ever healthcare transaction more secure, simpler and user-friendly. Through DevOps and advanced automation, we help our customers accelerate their digital transformation.

Unified Testing

Our Unified testing solution is an end-to-end QA solution with a 3-phase approach: plan, build and run, involving various steps in each phase. The QA Shift Left approach covers all platforms in scope and addresses performance gaps early in SDLC to reduce fixing costs and risk of potential defects.

GXP Protocol Matrix

A secure healthcare application is the most used. Our GXP protocol matrix helps map each phase in SDLC with minute details to the corresponding qualifications under GxP – DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, MQ.

Load & Performance Testing

Integration of performance engineering into your CI/CD pipeline helps identify system bottlenecks in the early development phases. It enables your systems to perform efficiently at peak loads.

HealthCare Device Integration

It offers you a complete test suite that can be modified and reused for any healthcare device integration testing.

Digital Assurance Lab

It provides you with the infrastructure and inventory to perform mobile testing efficiently with different Android and iOS versions across OEMs

Unified Test Automation Solution 

Our healthcare automation solution supports both frontend UI (Web & Mobile) and backend API automation in a single framework and helps healthcare businesses reduce maintenance costs by 90%.

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