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With the expanding immersive technologies across a plethora of domains, AR/VR gaming applications that combine both the digital and real worlds have been the centre of attraction for gamers. To grab an audience’s short attention span and navigate them to your platform, You must be play-ready with the fastest application UI and responsiveness.

Make it worth the investment of users time, money and entertainment. With our quality-engineered immersive experiences and sophisticated test house, become their favorite gaming brand. We provide Game testing services for a wide range of games including 2D /3D games.


Uplift your user experience to the next level

With the advent of smartphones, gaming industry witnessed a spike in everyday users, subscribers and enthusiasts. More and more people are using gaming apps and demanding perfect visual, user experiences,sound, operationality and security.

Give your users what they deserve – The Best Quality Gaming App –

 Ensure scalability, functionality and overall  performance of your product

Use smart analytics to understand player behavior patterns & interests to strategize user retention 

Provide the best experience to Increase app ratings on App store and Play store

  Test Automation to Reduce maintenance cost & Time to Market

Unmatched Compatibility & Coverage checks across 400+ devices (Physical | Cloud Farm) with our Digital Assurance Lab

Mitigate risks and secure user data with our advanced security testing

Major challenges faced in gaming and our solution to them


As the gaming hardware is too fragmented, one of the major challenges gaming businesses faces is compatibility issues. We at IGS take care of
this challenge by testing the game on a variety of devices across varying configurations, measuring key vitals on each and providing a comprehensive report on functional and non-functional aspects.

User Experience

User experience plays a vital role in gaming with how involved and engaged is a gamer playing the game. Be it a single player/campaign mode or online multiplayer, gameplay smoothness and graphic richness are super important for User Experience. IGS quality professionals with years of gaming experience help you identify system loopholes and
report deviations from the core user experience. This helps improve your application performance and user retention.


Games are popular across the globe. Hence, ensuring inclusivity is key in the competitive world of gaming. IGS’s crowd-testing capabilities help in identifying linguistic, cultural & geographical references and deviations thereby ensuring a personalized experience for your gamers 


Game performance at the infra level, network, multiplayers and load play a very crucial role in gaming. We perform load and stress at the infra level and provide a detailed report to the client to act on. On the network front, we test a variety of network speeds by throttling
and plot the performance matrix accordingly. This will help our client to optimize the drops.

Our Solutions

Customized QA solutions specially designed for the digital gaming industry.

Crafting an unforgettable experience for players across the diverse landscape of genre, geography and age demography by embracing the challenges, wielding the right tools and adapting to the latest technology in the Game Testing realm.

Functional Testing

IGS team of QA professionals are your best critics and test all possible game scenarios and entire gaming applications through manual testing to make sure you have a smooth release without any functional or technical errors and can offer an enthralling gaming experience to gamers.


Performance Testing & Load Testing

Ensure application functionality and consistent performance at normal and peak times considering the number of users accessing the platform. Multiplayer games that range from small (4 member) to big (150 members) lobby sizes require a huge and powerful infrastructure. Our Performance Testing approach has been instrumental in validating and certifying multiple online multiplayer game launches and successful functioning

Crowd Testing

Based on your requirement for crowd testing, we handpick the most suitable set of users and help you receive genuine UX feedback on your application performance and lead you to higher user engagement and retention. On demand, the service can be extended to global locations for open-beta or live game testing from different geographies with the aid of our testing partners spread across the globe

Compatibility Testing

Our compatibility testing adds a +1 score to your scoreboard against the race with your competitors and ensures pro gamers can access your application from any mobile devices. Our compatibility testing brings resilience to support customer acquisition and retention goals and ensure functional consistency.

Security Testing

Mobile gaming applications are the most popular among users, which make them the target of cyber threat and reverse engineers. Our advanced gaming application security testing follows proactive risk management methods and help you identify security loopholes. Moreover, we also advise you on security practices that must be followed to strengthen your application security against malicious attacks.

Mobile Store Submission Checks

Starting from showcase materials, technical prerequisites, formal guidelines, security, performance, functionality, UI, UX
IGS Experts ensure your application is eligible for App Store submission.

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