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Edtech has revolutionized the way we teach and learn. By using new technologies and innovations, creating more engaging and effective learning experiences for all students age no bar. IGS’s world-class quality engineering services help you deliver the highest quality K-12, Higher Education & Corporate learning content across platforms, systems and devices.

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Make e-learning more effective, engaging and universally accessible than ever before. Improve education and training for people of all ages and backgrounds across the globe with the help of our impeccable quality engineering solutions. Transform e-learning journey of end users with better security, smooth user experience and high-value content while keeping the testing costs under check.

  Testing for WCAG, SCORM, xAPI compliance and more

  Minimize manual effort by up to 60% with smart automation

  Minimize testing budget by 15–25%

Benchmark your application against competition. Identify key areas of improvement & recommend performance improvement solutions

OWASP vulnerability checks along with static code and dynamic code analysis

Success through every Learning Experience

Learning Management System

Undoubtedly, LMS is one of the most important pillars of e-learning platforms. Be it for a learner or an instructor, end to end testing of all use cases including user enrolment, sign in, payments, course selection through to completion, performance grading, recommendation and certification. Manage content, track progress and measure performance through back-office testing. 

LMS testing solutions testify LMS data migration, accessibility, tools and integrations, reporting, gamification and user interface

Skill Management System

Skill management has diversified the need for learning by originating some of the most influential adlibs, like discovering hidden talents and exposing skill gaps, productivity boosts, higher retention rates, classifying future leaders and augmenting reskilling efficiency. Our quality engineering solutions for skill management system include end-to-end testing for skills matrix, employee dashboard, skills assessment, training calendar, assignment workbench, AI-protected exams and recommendation engine.

Certification Management System

In the dynamic realm of e-learning, certifications have emerged as a powerful tool for validating skills, enhancing professional credibility, and empowering individuals to showcase their expertise. As the demand for e-learning certifications continue to surge, IGS’s expert QA team performs Scalability, Integration, Security and Compliance tests throughout the entire learning cycle from course initiation to Certificate Issuance, tracking, verification and compliance management

Gamification incorporates points, badges, leaderboards, virtual rewards and incentives into educational and training content, which increases engagement and knowledge retention among learners. Our gamification testing includes leaderboard and badge testing, where we test for easy navigation, reward and point updates, new badge creation, badge enablement and badge customization.
Celebrate success through every learning experience
Enable users with stable, intuitive, user-friendly e-learning apps delivering high-quality educational content with the best learning experience.
Best Performance
Deliver rich and interactive content, ensuring ease of access during high load times, with the help of a seasoned performance testing team.
Accessibility Testing

Make best use of applications tested for standards compliance and accessibility owing to detailed checklists and real user testing.

Faster Releases

Automated Regression suite executions with IGS’s proprietary Unified Test Automation Framework (UTAF), compatible with 16+ platforms, reduce the TAT of test cycles and increase the speed of market releases.

Our Solutions

We dissect ed-tech ecosystems, wielding automated regression, API stress tests, and UX audits. From performance benchmarking to application & data security, from accessibility compliance to data integrity, we forge robust digital learning experiences, byte by byte.

Content Testing

Content plays a very important role in the EdTech industry. Our content testing includes navigation & discoverability to ensure ease of access and finding the right content, readability testing to ensure your content is easy to understand and cross-environment compatibility testing to ensure your content is presented uniformly across different browsers, operating systems, hardware platforms, mobile devices, systems and networks.

API / Backend Testing

API / Backend testing tests the functionality, performance and security of APIs. Performs Structural Validations, Request-Response validations, Error Code validations and parameterized testing. Reduced manual effort with maximum automation of APIs. We achieve extended test coverage with our resilient test automation scripts, thus increasing the ROI.

Security Testing

We ensure you 24*7 data security while auditing your system’s access to users’ sensitive data, which eliminates chances of cyber-attacks and helps you gain the trust of your users and prospects. We also ensure your platform is FERPA-compliant.

Shift-Left Approach

With a shift-left approach, We identify gaps and bottlenecks early in the development phase, which results in cost savings and avoids project delays. Our quality engineers handle all aspects of quality engineering for learning management systems.

User Experience Testing

Our user experience testing helps you identify problem areas where your users face difficulty performing certain UI actions or has difficulty navigating through the application’s complex user flows. We capture the necessary metrics, compare against competition and provide recommendations for performance enhancement, help you fix those issues to perform better and make your application user-friendly.

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